What Psychology Jobs are Available in a School?

School PsychologyThose who have a love for education as well as psychology often seek to combine the two, looking for psychology jobs available in a school. If this sounds familiar, you are in luck. There are a number of different options available for those seeking a psychology career on a school campus. Read on for five of the best examples.

Professor of Psychology

One of the most obvious combinations of simultaneous work in the educational and psychological realms is represented by the professor of psychology. A psychology professor teaches the art and science of psychology to oncoming classes of students. This professing of psychology can take place at a number of educational backdrops and levels including universities, high schools, and specialty schools. To excel here, the professor must have a passion for doing what is necessary to make students understand and hopefully appreciate the discipline.

School Psychologist

Another oft-recognized combination of school-psychology work is that of the school psychologist. The school psychologist could best be described as an advocate and intermediary between the student, the student’s family, and teaching staff at the school. This unique position often requires a deep understanding and analysis of the psychological inner-workings of all parties involved and any ongoing problems. Resolution and problem-solving skills are a must here. School Psychologists work in all levels of the educational system, from kindergarten to college.

Psychological Support Specialist

A psychological support specialist essentially assists children with special emotional, behavioral, or psychological needs. Sometimes, they will shadow children in the classroom, providing support as the child needs. At other times, the support specialist will work behind the scenes, writing reports and analyzing case progress with regards to individual children. This position is typically offered in an elementary school setting. YCAPP, a psychological service provided by the public school systems of Virginia, is a great example of Psychological Support Specialists at work in the school system.

Positive Behavior Support Manager

The positive behavior support manager is a position more often found in the private school sector. Holders of this position are responsible for the overall structuring of student psychological support services. Additional duties here include staff training, the creation of successful student evaluation systems, and an ability to work with all teaching staff as needed.

School Psychology Director of Training

Yet another great example of psychology jobs available in a school, is the school psychology director of training. Those in this role are ultimately responsible for a quality psychological curriculum and teaching staff at a university or college. They must hold meetings, organize and hold staff training, review and maintain student examination scores, and work with all other staff and directors in maintaining an effective curriculum and learning environment.

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Check Local Schools

Finally, we highly recommend you personally check with schools near you. In doing so, you may find even more opportunities that blend psychology with the school environment. Luckily for those seeking such work, there are plenty of psychological jobs available in a school as well as other educational settings.