Psychology Graduate Degrees in Georgia

The Peach State is known for a lot of different things, including the famous fruit. However, Georgia also has an incredibly strong system for higher education. With 62 colleges and universities in Georgia, as well as over 45 private educational institutions, the opportunities for earning a undergraduate or graduate degree in the state are nearly endless. Psychology is a rapidly expanding academic field, and anyone who wants to be a top candidate for jobs will need to have a graduate degree in psychology or a related subject. These universities and colleges in Georgia will offer graduate students the chance to refine their skills, increase their knowledge and participate in original research.

Argosy University

College of Behavioral Sciences

The College of Behavioral Sciences at Argosy University prepares its students for future careers as psychologists, counselors, therapists and more. Licensing programs are also offered for certain courses, meaning that students can complete both their degrees and their practical training at the same time. There are 12 different programs available at the graduate and doctoral levels. Certificates can also be earned by students enrolled in specific programs offered by the College.

Master’s in Forensic Psychology

The Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology is designed for students who are dedicated to starting a career in Forensic Psychology or who are already working in the field. Subjects taught include psychology and the legal system, psychology of criminal behavior and professional and ethical issues in forensic psychology. Students must also complete an individual assessment course. In order to graduate from the M.A. program, students must complete 36 credit hours, 24 of which are dedicated to core courses. Nine credit hours must consist of concentration courses that reflect the student’s academic interests. The final three credit hours consist of electives. In addition, students must maintain at least a 3.0 GPA and graduate from the program within five years

Argosy University, Atlanta
980 Hammond Drive
Suite 100
Atlanta, Georgia 30328

Learning outcomes for graduates of the program at Argosy University include the ability to apply theories of psychology to legal practices, commit to ethical forensic practices, work with disadvantaged or vulnerable populations and excel in their chosen fields.

Clayton State University

College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences at Clayton State University is the largest academic department of the entire school. It offers a number of different degree programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Students are given a solid foundational education in the program of their choice, which prepares them for graduate studies or entering the workforce.

M.S. in Psychology with Concentrations in Applied Developmental and Clinical Psychology

The M.S. in Psychology at Clayton State University trains its students to become exceptional graduates who can lead the next generation of psychologists, therapists and counselors. Students can choose to focus their studies on either Applied Developmental Psychology or Clinical Psychology. Subjects exclusively taught in this concentration include Theories and Practice of Psychotherapy, Family and Couples Therapy, Group Therapy and Advanced Psychopathology and Diagnosis. Students must also complete a clinical practicum in order to graduate. Students who opt for the concentration in Applied Developmental Psychology must complete courses in Advanced Psychopathology, Cultural Issues in Applied Settings and more. Students in both concentrations can choose a thesis or non-thesis option for their degree program.

College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Psychology
2000 Clayton State Boulevard
Morrow, Georgia 30260

Students who receive Master’s degrees from the graduate programs at Clayton State University will be excellent candidates for positions as counselors, therapists and psychologists. Learning outcomes include the ability to process and analyze important information, work with vulnerable populations and use their knowledge of the law to inform ethical decisions.

Georgia Regents University

College of Science and Mathematics

The College of Science and Mathematics at Georgia Regents University is a premier institution that offers degrees in biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, military science and psychology. The School is dedicated to student growth and development.

M.S. in Psychology

Students who enroll in the M.S. Psychology program at Georgia Regents University will have three areas in which they can concentrate. Applicants can choose between General Experimental Psychology, Applied Experimental Psychology or a concentration in Clinical/Counseling. Small class sizes and a department-wide dedication to hands-on research makes the M.S. program a great choice for those who want to become experts in assessment and therapeutic intervention. The degree is structured so that it is full time and year-round. Most students will graduate after five consecutive semesters of study. Students can also choose between a thesis and a non-thesis option for their studies, which is a great choice for those who intend to go on to complete a PhD. in Psychology at some point in their careers.

Department of Psychology
Summerville Campus, Science Hall
2500 Walton Way
Augusta, Georgia

The M.S. in Psychology offered by Georgia Regents University will be perfect for students who are committed to the field and who want to engage in original research that benefits both the academic and non-academic communities. Learning outcomes include the ability to apply experimental knowledge to real-life situations, work with patients to achieve better mental health outcomes and create real solutions for pressing issues in the field of psychology.

Georgia South University

College of Health and Human Sciences

The College of Health and Human Sciences at Georgia South University is a multidisciplinary school that focuses on producing exceptional graduates in the fields of health and kinesiology, nursing and human ecology. A multitude of undergraduate and graduate programs are available in subjects such as exercise science, nursing, coaching education, sport management and sport psychology.

Master of Science, Kinesiology, Sport Psychology Emphasis

The M.S. in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Sport Psychology aims to combine the fields of sport education and training, kinesiology and life skills development. In order to graduate, students must complete 36 credit hours. Subjects taught include team dynamics, research analysis, sport psychology, business development in sports and life skills interventions. Independent research is encouraged and all students will have to complete an internship or a research thesis as part of their overall graduation requirements.

Georgia Southern University
P.O. Box 8073
Statesboro, Georgia 30460

Students who graduate from the M.S. program in Kinesiology and Sport Psychology will be well-equipped to enter into a career in sports science. Projected learning outcomes include the ability to develop and initiate the development of psychology consultancies that focus on sport science and experience as well as the ability to apply theories of psychology to issues of performance enhancement and general issues with sport sciences and mental health.

Georgia Southern University

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences is home to 18 different departments, from African Studies to Writing and Linguistics. The College encourages its student to engage in critical and thinking and research that will enhance their knowledge and strengthen the lessons they learn from their degree programs.

M.S. in Psychology

The M.S. in Psychology at Georgia Southern University places a heavy emphasis on research and analysis. Students are obliged to take courses in research practice and actual independent research courses from the first semester of their course. Subjects taught include Statistics for Psychology, Advanced Cognitive Psychology, Teaching Psychology and Advanced Research. An optional concentration in teaching is offered to students who are interested in pursuing a future career in academia. In order to graduate with the degree, students must complete a written comprehensive exam in the spring semester of their second year. This is accompanied by an oral thesis defense.

Brannen Hall 1010
P.O. Box 8041
Statesboro, Georgia 30460

Learning outcomes for graduates of the M.S. program at Georgia Southern University include the ability to engage in and publish skilled research that benefits the field, the ability to develop coursework for future teaching opportunities as well as the ability to utilize theories of psychology when directly interacting with patients and vulnerable groups. Graduates will be top candidates for doctoral programs in psychology or professional positions in law enforcement, mental health support and research groups.

Georgia State University

College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences at Georgia State University offers 80 undergraduate and graduate degrees in 24 different departments. Interdisciplinary research is encouraged at all academic levels. The College is widely renowned for encouraging students to use their skills and knowledge in order to engage with the local community.

Doctorate in Psychology

Students who enroll in the doctoral program in Psychology are usually preparing for a career in academia or in research. The department offers five different concentrations in Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Sciences, Community Psychology, Developmental Psychology and Neuropsychology and Behavioral Neuroscience. Students are expected to engage in research, participate in the wider academic community, help teach undergraduates and complete an original thesis. The program is extremely competitive, with hundreds of people applying each year.

P.O. Box 3965
Atlanta, GA 3030
(404) 413-2000

Students who graduate from the Doctoral degree program in Psychology at Georgia State University will be perfect candidates for research positions or roles in academia. Learning outcomes include the ability to perform groundbreaking research, the ability to teach and engage with undergraduate psychology students, the ability to work in clinical settings and the ability to move on into post-doctorate programs in Psychology departments across the country.

Mercer University

College of Continuing and Professional Studies

The College of Continuing and Professional Studies at Mercer University is home to over 1,200 students. Programs are designed to provide students the opportunity to earn professional qualifications as well as graduate degrees in a number of subjects, including Organizational Leadership, Human Services, School Counseling and Safety Leadership. Certificate programs include Public Safety, Addictions Counseling and Executive Leadership. The College will shortly be renamed to the Penfield College of Mercer University.

Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

The M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling is designed to help students achieve a fully licensed status so that they can practice as counselors in Georgia. Students must successfully complete courses such as Career and Vocational Counseling, Psychological Helping Skills and Gender Issues in Counseling. In addition, the program is accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP).

1400 Coleman Avenue
Macon, Georgia 31207

Students who graduate from the M.S. program at Mercer University will be ready to take on clinical positions in psychology both within Georgia and across the United States. They will be able to work in residential treatment centers, mental health clinics and private practices. Learning outcomes include the ability to work with patients as well as the ability to coordinate and execute research projects.

University of Georgia

Franklin College of Arts and Sciences

As the oldest college in the University of Georgia, the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences has a long history of providing high-quality instruction in number of academic fields. There are 30 different departments within the college that provide instruction in a number of concentrations. The College also offers 76 different graduate degrees as well as certification programs in 42 subjects.

Behavioral and Brain Sciences Program

The doctoral program for Behavioral and Brain Sciences is designed to help students enter the field of psychology as the next generation of researchers and scholars. Doctoral candidates are encourage to work with advisors in order to develop their own course of study and research. Students are required to complete the M.S. degree in order to move on to full doctoral student status. During this time, they must complete coursework in Developmental Psychology, Biological Foundations of Behavior, Quantitative Psychology and more. In order to graduate with the doctoral degree, they must complete and defend a dissertation that contributes original knowledge and research to the field. General research in the department tends to focus on three fields: Social-Personality Psychology, Independent Research and Decision Making, Impulse Control and Addictive Processes.

The University of Georgia
Athens, GA, 30602

Learning outcomes for graduates of the Behavioral and Brain Sciences program include the ability to work with patients and medical professionals, the ability to produce high-quality research that benefits the field of behavioral psychology and the ability to engage with the mental health community as a scholar and a professional. Students will be well-equipped to work as professors, researchers or psychologists.

Valdosta State University

College of Education and Human Services

The College of Education and Human Services at Valdosta State University offers instruction at the undergraduate, graduate and professional levels. Students can choose from subjects such as Human Capital Performance, Adult and Career Education, Leadership, Instructional Technology, Mathematics, Marriage and Family Therapy, American Sign Language and Psychology. The College is committed to producing exceptional educational professionals as well as top-quality research.

Master of Science in Clinical-Counseling Psychology

The M.S. in Clinical-Counseling Psychology is designed to produce exceptional graduates who can work as mental health professionals. Students must successfully pass courses in Intellectual Assessment, Psychopathology, Group Counseling and Legal and Ethical Issues in Psychology. They must also engage in independent research courses as well as a research practicum in order to demonstrate their ability to think critically and apply theories of psychology to a number of diverse situations. In order to graduate with the degree, students must complete and defend a thesis that adds to the current knowledge of mental health and counseling practices. They must also successfully pass comprehensive exams.

Education Center
Psychology Building 2nd Floor
1500 North Patterson Street
Valdosta, Georgia 31698

Students who graduate with an M.S. in Clinical-Counseling Psychology from Valdosta State University will be ready for positions as therapists, counselors and clinical researchers. They will be able to work in mental health centers, hospitals, private practices and other institutions, Learning outcomes include the ability to work with patients in an ethical and professional manner, the ability to engage in appropriate assessment procedures, the ability to provide mental health counseling in culturally sensitive situations and the ability to use their professional experience to further research in the field of mental health counseling.

Any of these graduate psychology programs would be a great choice for students looking to deepen their knowledge of the field and make themselves into attractive candidates for positions in mental health, counselling, education, forensics, social services and even law enforcement and corrections. By completing an advanced degree, you can demonstrate that you have what it takes to succeed as a psychologist. There’s no better place to start your graduate education journey than Georgia!

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