Psychology Graduate Degrees in California (A-H)

The listings for Psychology Degrees in California (A—H) are diverse because California is one of our most diverse states. Whether you decide to obtain your degree in a small private school or in a large urban area, you can find colleges and universities to suit your needs. Some of the graduate schools listed concentrate on urban issues and some are faith-based. There are schools which offer many degrees in psychology and those that offer one degree with the option of specialization to modify your degree to fit your career interests. Below is the listing for graduate degree programs listed alphabetically.

Antioch University

The Psychology program offers a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology as well as a non-clinical Master of Arts in Psychology. It is renowned for preparing compassionate family and marriage counselors. Students learn many approaches to use in their practice and get a wealth of hands-on training at over 100 approved clinical training sites. Clinical psychology students can specialize in one of several areas. The program goals are to prepare students for clinical practice, teaching, research or to pursue doctoral studies, and meet California Board of Behavioral Sciences requisites for academic preparation toward licensure. 

Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology or Master of Arts in Psychology

The curriculum of the Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology is designed to prepare students to qualify for licensure in California. Clinical Psychology majors experience rigorous coursework, personal psychotherapy and clinical field work. Classes stress assessment and diagnostic skills. There is opportunity to specialize within the degree in Child Studies, Applied Community Psychology, LBGT Affirmative Psychology, Spiritual Depth Psychology and Trauma Psychology. The Master of Arts in Psychology is intended for those who want to teach at a community college level or who want to write or consult in their area of interest. These students design and conduct their own research projects such as “Death and Dying” or “Parenting Education.” The cost per quarter ( at 17 to 18 units) is $7178.

Antioch University
400 Corporate Pointe
Culver City, California 90230
(310) 578-1080

California Baptist University

The School of Behavioral Sciences is one of the top Christian behavioral science programs in California. The program seeks to combine the historical and contemporary aspects of psychology with the skills necessary to apply them in practice. One of the prime goals of the school is to develop the appropriate relationship between the studies and faith. Besides the master’s degree program, the school houses undergraduate studies and the Center for the Study of Human behavior. The philosophy of the School of Behavioral Sciences includes significant student/professor interaction that approaches studies with a Biblical world view.

Master of Science in Counseling Psychology, Master of Arts in Counseling Ministry, Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology

The master’s program in counseling psychology is for those who want to have a counseling practice. It is a preparation for MFT licensure and carries with it a practicum requirement. Students who complete the 62 required credits for the major plus an additional 18 hours can gain a dual licensure. The master’s degree in counseling ministry trains people to offer Christian counseling in church settings. It also offers clinical experience in a wide variety of clinical settings. The master’s degree in forensics prepares people to provide psychological services to law enforcement. This 57 credit program involves statistics classes, forensic research methods and criminal profiling as well as core psychology curriculum.

California Baptist University
8432 Magnolia Avenue
James Building 115
Riverside, California, 92504
(951) 343-4487

California Lutheran University

The graduate School of Psychology prepares students to serve in a variety of professional settings. Students gain a deep understanding of the field and its practical applications. The school emphasizes real world experience. It emphasizes quality and relevant course material in small classes. It offers two degree pathways: a clinical degree which prepares people for research, teaching or for further studies on the doctoral level, and a counseling degree which prepares students for careers in family and marital therapy. Students may also elect to follow specialties within the degree programs.

M.S. in Clinical Psychology and M.S. in Counseling Psychology (MFT)

During the first year of the 34-credit Clinical Psychology program there is strong emphasis on statistics and research methodology. There is also an option for emphasis on recovery issues or on child and adolescent studies. To complete the program, students have the option of conducting a research project, taking an exam or writing a thesis. The 60- credit counseling degree program equips the student to meet the requirements for licensure in marriage and family therapy in California. The counseling degree program requires students to complete a twelve-month practicum placement at the Community Counseling and Parent Child Study Center, which provides low-cost counseling services. The work, as both a sole and co-counselor earns 500 hours toward California licensing requirements.

Graduate and Adult Programs
California Lutheran University
60 West Olsen Road #2300
Thousand Oaks, California, 91360

California State University at Fresno

The college offers a variety of opportunities for students. There are three paths within the master’s degree: one leads to careers in research or teaching as well as further study on a doctoral level, another leads to eligibility for California licensure, and a third educational path is for those who wish to become school psychologists. All three of the programs emphasize research and the empirical foundations of psychology. Because admission to the master’s program is fierce, the school does not admit unclassified graduates.

Master of Arts-General/Experimental (M.A.G/E), Master of Arts with an option in Applied Behavior Analysis (M.A.-ABA option, The Educational Specialist Program (Ed.S)

The general/experimental master’s degree is for those pursuing a doctor’s degree, going into research or teaching. It requires a minimum 30 credit hours and operates with a “mentorship” model, which means the student is paired with a professor of like interests. The 44- credit -hour Master of Arts with an option in Applied Behavioral Analysis degree meets the standards for national certification as a Board certified behavior Analyst. The applied behavior option requires an additional 1000 hours of practicum during the two years of the program. The field work is done at a local school where an internship is also served the third year.

Department of Psychology
California State University at Fresno
2576 East San Ramon
Fresno, California, 93740
Email through the website

California State University at Northridge

The College has been found to be #1 of 529 schools in educating students who go on to earn a doctorate. Its goal is to provide students a high quality liberal arts education in sociology and behavioral sciences while giving them sound professional and applied training. Because the school is in one of the world’s most diverse urban areas, its focus is on solving the problems of urban America. The school has three master’s degree paths including one in behavioral analysis, one in general experimental studies and one in clinical studies.

BCP M.A. Program, Clinical M.A. Program, General Experimental M.A. Program

The two-year BCP M.A. Program enables students to earn a master’s degree and to qualify to sit for the Board Certified Behavioral Analyst exam. The 48-unit clinical psychology program is for those who want to develop skills to provide or organize psychological services. Practice as a psychologist, however, requires a doctorate in all 50 states. The first semester there is one unit of practicum, the second semester there are two, and there are between three and six units of practicum the second year. The general experimental degree curriculum focuses on research methods, statistics and theory. The degree is designed for students already performing research and for those who want to pursue a doctorate in a research-focused program.

College of Behavioral Sciences
California State University at Northridge
376 Sierra Hall
18111 Nordhuff Street
Northridge, California, 91330
(818) 677-1200

California State University at Eastbay

The school offers graduate level programs for those who wish to become school psychologists or counselors. The degree offered is a master’s in counseling, but the focus of the department is on education and educational settings. At the completion of the degree students have the minimum academic and field work requisites to apply for the Marriage and Family Therapy license as well as an Educational Psychology license. The requirements are integrated into all courses required for a credential. Therefore, students must complete the coursework with at least a “B” average. Students earning lower than that are classified as probationary.

M.S. in Counseling

The 72-credit-hour counseling degree from the Educational Psychology Department has three options and two areas of emphasis. There are 31 competency units which include counseling approaches and theory, biological and cultural perspectives, research methodology and ethics, nine units of practicum and zero to nine units of thesis or research projects. Options include classes in Clinical Child/School Psychology, in Marriage and Family Therapy and in School Counseling. Multicultural issues are addressed in every class offered in this degree. Students in the Marriage and Family counseling option focus on the M.S. in Counseling with that option. The course features the minimum academic requirements for MFT licensure as well as the minimum 150 hours of practical field work needed.

Department of Educational Psychology
College of Education and Allied Studies
Art and Education Building
California State University at Eastbay
25800 Carlos Bee Boulevard
Hayward, California 94542
(510) 885-3011

Chapman University

The PhD in education program at this private university is considered by many to be the first step on a path to national recognition in the field. Chapman’s College of Educational Studies offers graduate studies, including a doctorate in education with other specialties. The College of Educational Studies collaborates with community organizations on civic engagement projects. They also credential teachers. The school mentors parents through workshops in areas like special education and autism. Degree offerings include teacher education, special education, athletic training, school psychology and school counseling, speech-language pathology and leadership.

Ph.D. in Education

The Ph.D. degree with an emphasis on school psychology is for people seeking a career in higher education or in other research-oriented leadership fields. The program is built around the principles of social justice, a cohort system of student collaboration, faculty mentorship and core knowledge and skills in the emphasis areas of study. The school psychology program requires 48 units of study comprised of foundations and philosophy, inquiry courses, core emphasis classes and the dissertation. In addition, the National Association of School Psychologists requires 1500 clock hours of supervised internship for licensure. Students may choose from a clinical internship ( for those planning to pursue licensure as a psychologist), school-based internship, leadership and policy internship or a higher education internship.

College of Educational Studies
Chapman University
One University Drive
Orange, California, 92866
(714) 997-6815

Fresno Pacific University

The PPS certification entitles people to teach at the twelfth grade level and below, or in classes organized for adults as professionals. The program offers two credentials, three master of arts degrees and a certificate. The options available are Board Certified Assistant behavioral Analyst, Board Certified Behavioral Analyst, Master of Arts in School Counseling, Master of Arts and PPS Credentials in School Counseling and School Psychology, School Counseling PPS Credential and School Psychology PPS Credential and Master of Arts Degree.

Master of Arts in School Counseling, Master of Arts and PPS Credentials in School Counseling and School Psychology, School Counseling PPS Credentials and Master of Arts Degree

The Master’s Degree in School Counseling equips students to develop, then to maintain and evaluate school counseling programs. The Master of Arts and PPS Credentials in School Counseling and School Psychology is a dual degree that also allows the student to earn PPS credential standing along with the coursework. During the third year the students complete their 1200 hour school internship as well as master’s degree courses. The School Psychology PPS Credentials and Master of Arts Degree allows students to earn both credentials and a degree to become an effective school psychologist. Students must complete a 1200 hour internship and pass the NASP exam.

Fresno Pacific University
1717 South Chestnut Ave.
Fresno, California, 93702
(559) 453-2000
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Humboldt State University

The psychology department at Humboldt has a reputation for “stellar” students on its beautiful campus. There are three active graduate programs which lead to the master’s degree. These are preparation for the California School Psychology Credential, preparation for licensure as a Marriage and Family Therapist, and a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor program. The college has 90 graduate students enrolled. It teaches classes on almost every aspect of psychology, and places a heavy emphasis on research and theory. Psychology students do field work at the on-campus Community Counseling Center under the supervision of faculty.

Academic Research Master’s Program, Counseling Master’s Program, School Psychology Master’s program

The academic research M.A. has options in Biological Psychology, Developmental Psychopathology and Social and Environmental Psychology. The Counseling MA program meets the requirements for both the Marriage and family Therapist (MFT) and the Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) credentials. The School Psychology MA program meets the standards to allow the student to be recommended to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing for a Pupil Personnel services credential with an authorization to practice as a school psychologist. There is a cooperation between the school and various community organizations to offer arenas for practical experience. Students may pursue a Senior Honors Research option to design and carry out their own research projects.

Humboldt State University
Department of Psychology
Behavioral and Social Sciences Building #410
1 Harpst Street
Arcata, California, 95521
(707) 826-3755
Email through website

The listing of Psychology Degrees in California (A—H) includes stand-alone degrees and degree programs satisfying requirements for certification, or qualify you to sit for California licensure exams. Requisites for other states may vary, so it is wise to check the requisites if you plan to practice in another state.

Psychology Degrees in California (I-Z)