What Interests Would Lead One to Pursue a Master’s in Psychology?

A decision to enter the field of psychology as a professional requires a close examination of personal preferences that may indicate success. The Global Post offers some guidelines to consider in making a decision about a career as a psychologist.

Setting Boundaries

Many careers offer the opportunity to help others, but the field of psychology provides unique ways to help by understanding why some behaviors are preferred above others. The primary activity of a psychologist is listening to patients, and most of the talk is usually about personal problems.

Instead of helping someone do a task, psychologists help by offering different ways of understanding a situation. Many patients are needy individuals, and a successful psychologist must find a way to avoid feeling drained at the end of the day. Setting boundaries that allow a psychologist to listen to serious problems without letting them create a personal burden is a key to success.

Solving Problems

A person who has problem solving skills does not usually have to announce that they have a special ability; people seek them out. Friends and family members who need to talk about issues that perplex them can find solace in talking to someone who understands situations where relationships are involved. Life’s problems are often too difficult for people to manage on their own, and talking about them is helpful. A potential career as a psychologist is an option for a person who has the ability to suggest possible solutions to relationship issues.

Having Insight

Seeing the reasons behind the words that are used is a special gift that belongs to people who have insight. An indication that a person is suited for a career in psychology is the willingness to examine and understand one’s own issues. Confronting attitudes and beliefs that cause discomfort takes courage and insight, and those who can deal with their own issues are often capable of helping others as well.

Listening Well

A person who is usually found listening to others instead of talking is a possible candidate for a career in psychology. Asking questions that allow other people to talk about themselves or their interests is more enjoyable for those who are capable of reaching out to others. Many times, people do not realize that they are responding to questions from someone who shows an interest in them. They do, however, realize that they particularly enjoy being with someone who demonstrates a genuine interest in their opinions or activities.

Enjoying Academic Study

Earning a degree in psychology requires a willingness to study various aspects of the field, including developmental, abnormal, cognitive, social and personality. A person who enjoys reading and studying has the potential to devote a college career to understanding how the mind works.

Choosing a career as a psychologist is a good selection for someone who can set boundaries, has insight, is a good listener, has the ability to solve problems and enjoys studying. The career is rewarding as well as challenging for someone who is suited to it.