What Careers are Available in Behavioral Psychology?

 Behavioral PsychologyIf you’re interested in the reason people behave the way they do, you’ll be glad to know that there are many careers available in behavioral psychology that will allow you to learn about the various aspects of human behavior. This branch of psychology encompasses concepts from natural sciences and social sciences to explore the ways in which human behavior is learned, as well as the ways in which it can be unlearned and conditioned, according to the American Psychological Association. They utilize theories developed from their observations to predict, examine and change behaviors. Behavioral psychologists use their expert knowledge to understand behavior across a wide array of disciplines.

Behavioral Problems in Children and Adults

Behavioral psychologists help people of all ages to find ways to manage problem behaviors and to replace them with healthier ones. These professionals may work in settings such as schools, community organizations or private practice. They address issues such as depression, personality disorders, substance abuse, aggression, childhood trauma, academic troubles and relationship dysfunction. They identify behavioral goals for each client and develop a treatment plan to present strategies for meeting these goals.

Study of Animal Behavior

Some careers available in behavioral psychology are aimed at research. Research on animal behavior gives behaviorists an in-depth understanding of the causes behind the inner workings of the human mind and how that relates to psychiatric disorders and neurological diseases. What they glean from their work with animals is often an improved comprehension of addiction and mental illness, as well as the workings of biological components such as the central nervous system.

Organizational Behavior

The success of businesses, schools and other large groups often depends on the ways in which employees work together, as well as the manner in which customers or associates perceive an organization. Behavioral psychologists are employed by such organizations to provide consultation and guidance on the best ways for entities to engage with their stakeholders in order to produce desired results. Essentially, these experts on human behavior use their expertise in order to determine which kinds of behaviors or actions will lead to the most favorable outcome. Issues considered in relation to organizational behavior include employee motivation and productivity, effective collaboration and positive messaging.

Behavior and Marketing Research

Marketing research is a perfect area to enlist the help of behavioral psychologists. The whole key to an effective marketing campaign is appealing to the customers’ inner-most desires or tugging at their heartstrings. Eliciting an emotional response of some kind is the goal. Experts in behavior can help marketing companies to reach that goal. They know what drives consumers and what appeals to them most. Behavioral psychologists can conduct more insightful market research meant to hone in on particular behavioral motivators in order to help marketing professionals to create more successful campaigns.

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These are just a handful of ways in which the psychology of behavior can be used in different professional areas. Human behavior is fascinating, and there are tons of careers available in behavioral psychology for those who wish to study it.