Is Pursing a Master’s in Psychology Obtainable for those Enlisted in the Military?

Many colleges and universities across the country offer a Master’s in Psychology for military students. Specifically designed for students who cannot attend a traditional college, these programs let students complete their degree even if they are stationed outside of the country. As some schools do not have accreditation, you should always look at whether the college has a good reputation and if attending classes through that campus is worthwhile.

What is a Military Program?

A military program is a program intended for students on the go. These colleges realize that you cannot always sit in a classroom and listen to a lecture, but the campuses also understand that you might need a few extensions on your coursework. When you enroll in a Master’s in Psychology for military students program, you take classes online. As long as you have a connection to the Internet, you can finish your assignments, interact with other students and even talk to your professors online. Most schools still require that you complete a thesis, but many students use their thesis project to discuss what they do in the military and how they would improve the lives of other military students.

What Schools Offer These Programs?

Hundreds of colleges and universities offer degree programs for military students, but you might want to look at schools that offer discounts for military students. Some schools offer a percentage off the total tuition costs when you show proof that you are an active member of the military, and other schools offer discounted rates on textbooks and other fees. Many colleges that don’t offer military programs do offer Internet programs. Before enrolling in that program, make sure that the school knows your current location and your status.

Applying for School

When applying for a Master’s in Psychology for military students, you must go through the same steps you would when applying for any other graduate level program. As you might find yourself overseas or in an area with limited Internet connectivity, it’s important that you gather your documents and necessary information as quickly as possible. While many schools let you fill out the application online, you’ll need to arrange for your GRE scores, transcripts and letters of recommendation. The school will use that information to determine if you are a worthy of a spot in the program.

How to Find a Good School

Some schools take advantage of those in the military. The schools offer large discounts that seem beneficial, but those schools also charge high tuition rates. Campus representatives convince students to take out large private loans to cover the cost of the program. The State of Tennessee recommends that you check with the U.S. Department of Education about the school’s reputation, ensure that it has a physical location in the country and that the school places a high level of importance on learning through its courses. Schools that offer credits based on your position in the military typically aren’t recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

Working on a Master’s degree lets you focus your studies on an area of psychology that appeals to you. If you are on active duty, finishing a Master’s in Psychology for military students will let you complete your studies from anywhere in the world.